Professional Pool Maintenance Services
- Welcome to CLEAR WATER POOLS' world
Clear Water Pools is located especially in Winter Garden and Windermere, in the Orlando area.

Clear Water Pools focuses its activity on three segments:

     -CWP Services
     -CWP  Online
     -CWP Aqua Fit Appliance​​​​

Clear Water Pools is insured and certified. Owners have ​​their CPO, Certified Pool/Spa Operator Certification, CPO # 444548 and CPO # 444546, and have great experience in corporate and management.
CWP Services
CWP Online
CWP Aqua
Our team of pool technician's are competent.

​Balancing the pool water, vacuuming, brushing, netting debris & cleaning filters are a part of their profession.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask them.

If our service technician's find any issues encountered with your pool, we will notify you by sending an email or we will call you to let you know.​
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Service Hours:

Monday-Friday: ​​8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Saturday : Emergency Service Email Only

Sunday: Closed​​
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Our store online allows to find what you are looking for your pool. For instance:

-New Pumps, Filters, Heat Pumps, Salt Systems & More
-Chemical Products for Balancing your Pool
​-Parts & O-Rings for your Pool Equipment
- Aqua Fitness Appliances to practice a healthy sport, with more comfort​​ and without muscle soreness
- and more...​

But, especially, you will receive professional advice to answer your questions or concerns.
Aqua Fitness Appliances are, before all, the fun practice of exercising in your pool.

In Europe, the name is Aqua Bike, but in the USA, we call it Aqua Cycling or Aqua Spinning.​

For home Gyms, you can also practice Aqua Running or Aqua Trekker, Aqua​​ Jumper, or Aqua Cycling Pro.

For Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy, we propose the Aqua Cycling Pro of course, and also ​​Aqua Physio Cycle, Aqua Arm Bike with ASM 1 & 2, Aqua Arm Bike with ASM 1, Aqua Cycling Pro with ASM 2....

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