Professional Pool Maintenance Services
- CWP Weekly Maintenance Services
Clear Water Pools offers a COMPREHENSIVE Weekly Pool Service, covering all of your Pool & Spa needs. Our experienced, professional, licensed CPO technicians will give you the very best in Pool Service

Weekly Services:

-  Scheduled Weekly Visit (Same day each week)
-  Checking & Balancing of Pool Chemicals
-  Brushing Pool & Tiles
-  Netting any Debris from Pool
-  Vacuuming Pool as necessary
-  Cleaning Pool filter as necessary (At least every other week)
-  Emptying Skimmer Baskets
- Checking Pool Equipment & Reporting any issues requiring attention

Quarterly Services:

-Remove Salt Cell
-Inspect & Clean as required


*( This amount is for a pool under 7,000 gallons, no spa, screened, without Special Features, without Fountains and without Hot Tubs, and with a little foliage around the pool)​


Our service technician's are here to answer your questions.
​  Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information!
​​​For customers who wish to care for their pools themselves, we offer Pool School, in order to have a perfect knowledge of their pool & to know what it takes to obtain a perfect pool.

If you do not wish to have a monthly service, it is possible to have us perform a one time cleaning. We must first assess your pool to propose you with an estimate.​
This service is intended to rehabilitate your pool ​after an algae issue.
For an  monthly pool services estimate
Send an email at

​​Or Fill out the estimate form below.

The price includes the chemical products to balance the pool water.​​

CWP Clear Water Pools estimate

Fill out this form and submit it and you will receive an estimate for a monthly pool services. Thank you for your request with CWP!
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